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About the Company

Philosophy and concept of the company

The client can not be satisfied. The client must be satisfied.

                This is one of the major challenges faced by all employees of our company. In a competitive industry, it is indeed not an easy task out, as it does not just live and work in the face of difficulties caused by high outside meet today's standards. Careful attention to individual customers, partners, colleagues and friends - is the foundation of all our decisions.

If there is no further growth - hence, the sunset is near.

                This is the basic concept of the enterprise. Therefore, each employee - a highly qualified specialist, whose work, intelligence, new ideas and acceptance of, always carefully evaluated and encouraged the leadership.

When you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, good luck comes by itself.

                We are a successful company that confirms the presence of more friends and partners, respect for consumers and their increasing number. Through its activities, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders of this industry and we continue to develop and fly.

Our reputation

The primary concern of DP "Ruzhin-milk" is a quality  products, promotion of natural dairy products, and concern for their proper storage and shipping. Our company has a reputation as a reliable and professional leader who cares about customers, employees, the company and its partners. Our company is constantly being improved by improving the technology and material-technical base that allows us to provide the consumer a quality product. Our company offers high-quality natural dairy product, excellent customer service and optimum delivery time.

Brand "Rumo" offers its customers products with various kinds of packing: packed pellets (pack of 200 grams. packed in boxes of 8 kg.) packed Pentaflex (sausage shell from 0,3 kg. to 1,5kg.) and a monolith (cartons of 10kg and 20kg). Product quality is confirmed by the presence of the logo - TM "Rumo".

Art equipment, best technology and highly creative solutions Ukrainian engineers working in industry, have created a product that is fully consistent quality-price ratio and making it  attractive to all segments of the population

Our Values

  • focus on the highest quality products;

  • constant development and improvement;

  • long-term and mutually beneficial partnership;

  • leadership in selected market segment;

  • Work on the result - to saturate the market of dairy products with natural and quality products;

  • health care consumers.