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Butter TM "Rumo"

Butter of our brand Rumo - is a natural product that is made with cow's milk without the use of harmful preservatives and thickeners. It consists of milk fat, protein and vitamins. Combines the benefits, quality and long-standing tradition of Ukrainian oil. All kinds of our oils are made exclusively from natural cream to a classic high fat cream conversion technology, which gives oil to the traditional constant creamy taste, the delicate plastic consistency, reminiscent of rustic homemade butter.

Sweet-cream butter «GOST» 73,0%

Sweet-cream butter «GOST» 73,0%A tasty sweet-cream butter peasant "GOST" - a real butter without preservatives and thickeners. In its manufacture, we use only natural high-quality cream. Has a mild, distinct taste of butter.


Sweet-cream butter "RUMO" 72.5%

Sweet-cream butter "RUMO" 72.5%Sweet-cream butter "RUMO" - it is 100% dairy product without preservatives and thickeners. Butter is made exclusively from natural cream to a classic conversion technology high fat cream. Has a pronounced sweet flavor and aroma, which is ideal for baking and for making sandwiches.