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October 21 - Day of Food

Day of the food industry annually celebrated in the third week of October, according to the Decree of President of Ukraine from 08.08.1995 № 714/95. Food Industry of Ukraine - thousands of large, medium and small enterprises of different ownership forms, which produce nearly 20% of the total industrial output. The largest part of sales - this beverage, meat and dairy products, tobacco, bread and bakery fats.

Specificity of the industry, such that by careful hands, and depends on the quantity and quality of the products that we appreciate and value every day.

Date Day of the food industry in Ukraine is close to the date of, proclaimed in 1979 - World Food Day, celebrated on October 16. In 2007 the number fell to 21 third Monday in October. It should be noted that at the same time, the Day of the Soviet food-processing industry in 1966 was celebrated in the third week of October. Perhaps, in determining the date of the holiday the President of Ukraine took into account the old tradition to honor the professionals at the weekend and a new desire for Ukraine to enter the global community.

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