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Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" - "Company of the Year 2010"

Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" is recognized as one of the best among the 350 000 enterprises in Ukraine. In "Operation of dairies and cheese," the company received 11th place in the ranking. In addition, the results of the international economic rankings 'top league' Ruzhinskaya Creamery recognized as "Enterprise of the Year - 2010". As a result of international economic rating of "best league" for the professional management of the enterprise manager Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" A.Y. Tsehmeystruk named best director in Ukraine in 2010 and was awarded the "Honorary Cross».

for high-performance work and professionalism of the gold medal "Professional Glory to Ukraine" noted chief engineer A.V. Kolesnikov, deputy director for procurement of milk O.O.Sema master oiler N.O Sirotenko.

Awards presented during the meeting with the heads of the district chairman of the RGA V.S. Bondarchuk and Chairman of the District Council B.O. Khodakovskii. More information on the company informed the deputy chairman of the RGA N. Petrik and the head of Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" A.Y. Tsehmeystruk.

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