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The district operates two industrial companies - Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" and Subsidiary "Agricultural company" YAN".

As of 01.03.2011 the volume of industrial production in Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" in current prices amounted to 27,583.5 ths., which is 3 times more than the same period last year.

This year, oil production increased by 16.7% or 2 colors, the production of spreads and mixes by 40.3 % or 46 tons of milk powder production increased 11.8 times or 302 tons.

As of 01/03/2011 to Subsidiary "Agricultural company" YAN", industrial output in current prices amounted to 849, 2 ths., which is only 24% of the volume of production same period last year. This decrease is due to the fact that the company was held to verify compliance with licensing requirements, as a result of violations halted the production of medicines sold in the domestic market,  to correct deficiencies. In January-February 2011 was carried out only to the production of medicines, which are exported. At present, the identified deficiencies corrected, with the March 1, 2011 resumed full production.

Industrial enterprises of the district as of 03/01/2011 mastered the investments in fixed assets in the amount of 2035 thousand UAH.  These investments are the own funds of enterprises. In 2010, Subsidiary "Agricultural company" YAN" installed Automatic bottle stoppers for sealing fashion. AUZ 100, which will increase production capacity from 1700 to 4000 bottles per hour. Installed? Line for bottling of medicines 25 ml. capacity of 20 thousand bottles per shift, resulting in production volumes will increase by 2 times (the previous line - 10 thousand bottles per shift).

In Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" reopened the line for the production of lactic acid products (sour cream) and condensed milk.

In order to save energy (electricity and heat) and reduce the cost of production in the Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" in the II half of 2010, introduced by automating the process of drying milk.

dairy companies - Subsidiary "Ruzhin-moloko" entered into contracts with private entrepreneurs District (store owners) on the implementation of a trading network of dairy products (butter, cream and condensed milk).

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